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Kalaari Fellowship Program

Creating a Future Together


The Fellowship Program is designed for future leaders in the venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The program is rooted in our belief that nurturing and developing talent is a cornerstone of building a long-term institution. Entrepreneurship is about fearless reimagination of the world, and the Fellowship is our endeavor to bring together a group of young and passionate minds and provide them the unique opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the start-up ecosystem.

With this philosophy in mind, we are launching Fellowship 3.0.

what we look for

At Kalaari we believe that diversity of experiences and backgrounds drives the quality of decision-making. We expect our Fellows to come from all walks of life. Beyond hard skills, we place emphasis on core attributes that define the way of working at Kalaari.


Open to contributing value that cuts across roles and disciplines​


Relentless curiosity and hunger to learn, contribute, and excel​


An ambitious thinker and self-starter, who loves taking initiative


Endeavor to deliver the highest quality of work in anything they take-up

Team Player.

A strong team player able to collaborate effectively in group settings

Passion for Technology.

Keen understanding of the latest tech trends, and their impact on markets, economy, and the future


The Fellowship is a highly selective paid program designed with the apprenticeship model and multidisciplinary learning at its core. The program operates on a 1+1 year model. While we recommend completing 2 years to get the most out of the program, we understand that some of you may want to leave at the end of the first year to pursue your individual learning journey. At the end of year one, the program provides for this transition based on fitment and interest. At the end of the program, Kalaari will provide extensive support to help you pursue your career or educational aspiration through strong references and recommendations.

The program combines structured mentorship with hands-on experience and offers tremendous opportunity to learn about venture capital and amplifies insights and understanding of the Indian startup ecosystem.

The program is a structured experience where fellows rotate across projects while focusing on one or more of the following areas depending on their skills and interests.


Identifying and analyzing emerging technologies, 

sectors, and themes. 


Strengths: Self-driven, Data gathering, Developing original thinking, Writing

Content & Community

Develop useful content and community resources for startup ecosystem. 


Strengths: Writing, Graphic design, Creativity, Community building

Portfolio Management

Performing financial modeling and analysis of investments.


Strengths: Domain knowledge, Financial acumen, Detail-oriented 

Investment Support

Identifying promising 
entrepreneurs and 
emerging investment opportunities. Creating 

investment thesis.


Strengths: Deep networking, Sector knowledge, 
Critical thinking


Whilst we take our work seriously, we also love creating fun and fond memories. 

Kalaari provides a unique platform for accelerated learning and fast-tracking your career.

contact us

Please send us an email to with any questions.

You may also reach out to our first batch of fellows in 2016 and the subsequent batch in 2018.

Please follow us for more updates on the program.

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life at kalaari

We think of each other as members of the same family defined by aligned values, mutual trust, and constant support. 

We offer significant flexibility for team members to learn and grow, to lead initiatives, and have a voice at the table.

We require performance-oriented accountability and constant learning. We believe in building leaders from within by encouraging our team to challenge themselves and explore their deep potential.


We encourage individual perspectives to be inclusive within our culture of collaborative teamwork.


Preliminary application form
Detailed questionnaire on area of proficiency
Offer rollout

Respecting your time and effort, we have designed our Fellowship selection process by stages. The process is designed to provide you transparency and clarity of timelines. At each stage, the evaluation process deepens.

The applications will be accepted in two cycles

Cycle 1 deadline - 30th Sept 2020

Cycle 2 deadline - 30th Oct 2020

The program will commence in Jan 2021.




Do I need to be in Bangalore to apply?

You need not be currently located in India to apply but should be willing to move to Bangalore for the duration of the Fellowship.


Is the stipend fixed through the program?

Yes, the stipend is fixed at INR 1L per month through the 1st year of fellowship. At the end of the 1st year performance will be reviewed and compensation will be reviewed accordingly. In addition, Fellows and their dependent family are covered by the Kalaari medical insurance policy. You will get other applicable benefits available to all employees at Kalaari.


Does Kalaari provide boarding?

No, Kalaari provides a week of boarding on arrival. We expect you to organise your accommodation for the duration of the Fellowship. 


What are my prospects post the Fellowship program?

As a Fellow, you get to learn the ropes of venture capital and the nuances of starting and running a startup while working with many disruptive startups. Fellows can choose from a variety of options -- continue in the path of Venture Capital, start a company, take up operating roles in corporates, join an elite MBA program, or just follow their passion and dreams. We believe that you will be challenged and transformed as an individual during the course of the program. It’s up to you to make your time with Kalaari truly count by taking initiative and volunteering. We expect our Fellows to be driven and passionate about charting their own careers. Ultimately, Kalaari does not guarantee you jobs post the Fellowship Program. However, based on your performance at Kalaari, we would be happy to give an honest recommendation to either future employers or universities, of your choice.

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