At Kalaari I get the chance to work with some of the smartest minds who are truly redefining the contours of the world as we know it. I feed off their energy and passion, which is what inspires me the most. Getting constantly challenged on our mental models of the world, both internally and externally, makes me introspect and dive deeper which is really what makes life worth living, isn't it!

Tushar holds a business degree with a finance major from College of Business Studies, University of Delhi. He comes to Kalaari after working with Private Equity division at Bain & Co. for about a year. Tushar takes pride in being a solutions oriented, generalist with his multifarious interests and is always tinkering with ideas, design and first principles thinking to solve and support people solving massive real world problems. He is a massive supporter of Chelsea FC and still revels in the glory of that night in Munich (2012).



Tushar Behl

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