Ravinder Pal Singh (Ravi) is Harvard Alumni, Award Winning Technologist, Professor of Innovation and Rescue Pilot, with several hundred global recognition and patents. His body of work, mostly 1st in the world is making difference within acute constraints of culture and cash via commodity technology. He has been acknowledged as Person of Year, world's top 10 Robotics Designer, #1 Artificial Intelligence Leader in Asia and world's top 25 CIO. Ravi is active in India, USA, Singapore, Scotland, Mexico and Africa thru advisory, co-creation, hackathons and innovation funding to create mass-entrepreneurship at grassroots across rural, towns and cities. Ravi continues to serve various international agencies by flying several hundred hours as emergency response expeditions ranging from covid to floods to earthquakes. In past Ravi has been changemaker C-level leader, inventive Innovator and creative Engineer with global fortune institutions of the likes Arthur Andersen, Wipro, Microsoft, Accenture, AirWorks Group, Tata Singapore Airlines and so on. His impactful body of work in the area of Robotics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Satellites, Intelligent Networks, Industrial Cloud, Adaptive manufacturing and Cognitive computing  has unlocked value across 5 continents in improving civilization by helping various governments towards fiscal prudence & citizen services, while simultaneously encouraging compassionate capitalism thru brands and institutions like Nike, Micron Technologies, Weyerhaeuser, Bestbuy, Albertsons, Carrefour, Cognizant, General Electric (GE) and many more.



Ravinder Pal Singh