I feel incredibly fortunate to be working at Kalaari Capital and to be able to meet remarkable people and share ideas with them, which has allowed me to value and embrace diverse opinions, a trait that is vital in this ever-changing world. I believe in the power and wisdom of communities, and at Kalaari, we get to interact with phenomenal founders and visionary leaders every day.

Nandhita graduated with a Master's degree from Loughborough University. Driven to give back to society, she volunteered for an NGO, Make A Difference. Post her Master's, she worked as part of the CEO's office of a startup, where she assisted the CEO and other vertical heads on fundraising, sales, and community.

With a penchant for aiding startups, she moved on to a Fintech firm that assists early-stage startups as Finance Business Partner. In this role, she worked with seed funded startups to help them fundraise and set up finance systems.

She is passionate about gender issues and is actively involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives. Working with women entrepreneurs is a cause close to heart for her.

Outside of work, Nandhita loves to explore new eateries with a book in hand, backpacks across remote towns, and is into photography.



Nandhita Nandakumar