What excites me most is the diversity I find while meeting amazing set of people, a different perspective, different stories of entrepreneurs intertwined with their startup journeys and the importance of healthy culture that is core behind successful startup teams.

Jessiedna comes from a beautiful tiny city in Brazil. Defying her looks, she’s lived a pretty tough life, roaming around the world to remote places, dealing with explosives, radiation, extreme weather, donning a hard hat and a brave heart during her four-year long career in Schlumberger. 

She came to India in 2015 to explore opportunities in the startup ecosystem and eventually founded a startup called CHOW, a food truck aggregator platform. This journey gave her an opportunity to connect with thousands of users and their stories through delicious food and a warm smile. 

She has been an award winning scholar throughout her academic career. An Electrical engineer from UFCG, Brazil - she’s also authored several research papers and been a research volunteer at CHESF, Brazil’s biggest hydro-electricity facility.



Jessiedna Araújo

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