I've always been hooked to stories about people that manage to beat extraordinary odds to achieve a greater purpose. Being at Kalaari allows me to be beside entrepreneurs that are changing the world through innovation and grit. To learn from these modern day superheroes from up close and for having the chance to play a small role in their story is truly a blessing

Jayraj primarily focuses on Distributed Computing, Crypto, DeFi, NFT’s, Web 3.0 and SaaS at Kalaari.

He's an IB diploma holder from GD Goenka World School ('15) and a management graduate from Lancaster University ('18). After graduating, he founded a student-focused media venture called ‘The Guide’, an experience that he refers to as his most 'glorious defeat' so far. Post that, he went on to join as their sole analyst. Here, he was responsible for publishing analysis and insights on India's startup ecosystem across multiple content properties that reached over 10K+ premium paying subscribers, which included many of India's leading entrepreneurs and investors.

Jayraj prefers spending most of his time in a Batcave building a deeper understanding of markets and technology. He loves playing basketball and badminton and can be found watching FC Barcelona matches or a well-directed investigative series on weekends. Also, he's likely to be the only Gujarati you will come across that strongly avoids sweet food.



Jayraj Bharat Patel