It is an absolute privilege to partner with passionate entrepreneurs who first, paint the picture of a New World - that is better, faster, and efficient, and then,
go on to build it.

Chirag Gandhi is an Associate at Kalaari. He is a staunch supporter of Real Madrid, data, compounding, and behaviorism, in that order. He graduated from IIT Bombay and went on to work at Credit Suisse as a Private Equity Risk Analyst. Driven by a desire to work for the community, Chirag has twice worked with offices of Members of Parliament. His love for sharing ideas with others motivated him to take the stage at TEDxIIITBangalore, and Digital Global Leadership Summit.

At Kalaari, Chirag looks at opportunities in Financial Services and New-age Commerce models. He is excited by how these sectors supercharge our economies and improve lives in every strata of the society. He is always up to lend a hand to founders on their financial & growth strategy, branding, and developing market intelligence for creating strong differentiation. 

When not at work, you can find him in a Cultfit dance fitness class, Starbucks, or playing Bullet Chess.



Chirag Gandhi