Saurav has over 20 years of experience in Media and Entertainment and Financial Consultancy. He has been in the leadership team of NDTV since 2006 first as CFO and later as Co-CEO of the NDTV Group. He has been a part of the core team that spearheaded NDTV’s growth as an industry leader and as the most respected media company in the country. He started his career with PwC in their Global Capital Market Group.

Saurav is adept at providing leadership in matters pertaining to mergers & acquisitions, change management, stakeholder engagement and business strategy. He has vast experience in setting up new ventures, realigning operations, raising seed funding, equity and debt financing, financial restructuring, financial analysis and mitigating risks.

Saurav has proven his prowess in managing distressed asset situations and providing finance and restructuring solutions to maximize stakeholder returns.

His strong business development skills have helped him identify opportunities and convert them to drive growth. Saurav is passionate about new companies and those that are looking to expand effectively. He believes that business driven with passion, clarity of purpose, a vision for the future and enjoying each day in creating all of this can be instrumental in achieving success.

Saurav is known and respected for his impeccable financial acumen and integrity.

At NDTV, he was a part of the initial team that worked on NDTV’s diversification of business into entertainment, digital and e-commerce ventures, which involved raising funds and working closely with all stakeholders, the promoters, shareholders, and investors. Saurav also served as a board member in these ventures.

In his 16 years stint in NDTV, Saurav was responsible for handling multiple critical projects, including, but not limited to, business transformation, raising capital and spearheading M&A deals. Saurav had worked on a significant transition of the organization from being a television production company to becoming a broadcaster and in launching the first-ever Initial Public Offering (IPO) of NDTV in 2004.

Saurav is a Chartered Accountant and did the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

He is also on the board of Welham Boys School in Dehradun.

Saurav is an avid reader and loves to travel.


Portfolio: AffordPlan, Industry Buying, YourStory, MilkBasket.

Authentic leadership is about winning the trust of people and making them believe in your purpose. It’s about shaping future leaders and not merely creating followers.

What makes the job exciting

The opportunity to look at new ideas and interacting with young entrepreneurs is a huge motivating factor. The thrill of getting it right and betting on the right team has encouraged me to choose this job.

Views on entrepreneurship

I would compare entrepreneurship to an artist who wants to create a beautiful piece of art on a canvas. As a Venture Capital firm, our job is to offer a canvas to a budding artist who is capable of creating the most beautiful piece of art.

Thoughts on startup success

In my opinion success is learning from failures. One must have the tenacity to persevere and keep going despite all odds.

What I like about Kalaari

I like the familial environment and an open and transparent atmosphere to present one’s ideas and thoughts. The team is young and brimming with energy which is infectious. The leadership has an unique ability to simplify complex problems and have clarity of vision.In my opinion success is learning from failures. One must have the tenacity to persevere and keep going despite all odds.