Rajesh is a pioneer in investing in direct-to-consumer companies in India. His investment interests span consumer categories in retail, education and mobile. Rajesh returned from the US in 2006, drawn by the immense potential that India presents for entrepreneurs in reshaping the country. He has been a part of the startup ecosystem ever since.

In a career spanning over 20 years, Rajesh has had a broad set of experiences in the technology industry across product development, sales, M&A, equity research and private equity. He currently serves on the boards of several companies. Rajesh has an MBA (Hons) from the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, a Master’s in engineering from Marquette University and Bachelor’s in Engineering from BITS, Pilani.


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Opportunity to work with young entrepreneurs and new technologies that are hopefully going to change the world is exciting.


Airpay, Elastic Run, Cashkaro, Simplilearn, Magzter, Ovenfresh, Truweight, Embibe, Swipe Telecom, Truebil and Shopalyst.

What makes the job exciting

We work with cutting-edge technology companies and we’re looking for those smart young entrepreneurs who can deal with cutting — edge technology and the uncertainty that comes with it. That’s what I feel excited about coming to work every day-the opportunity to work with these young entrepreneurs and new technologies that are hopefully going to change the world. Being part of the VC industry is exciting.

Views on entrepreneurship

An aspiring entrepreneur should always put the growth of the company ahead of self and always be aware of things that come into the picture when you’re talking about a company’s growth versus yourself: your compensation, your shareholding or your ego should never come into the picture ahead of the company’s growth. To be a consummate salesman, you need to sell your idea to raise money, to attract talent, to position and sell your product to your customers. At every stage, you are selling to someone and it’s important to always remember that aspect.

Thoughts on startup success

What we’re looking for is entrepreneurial teams looking to solve large problems in large markets, and their ability to build a great team and raise capital. A great entrepreneurial spirit and the right leadership team are very important for a business as is your ability to identify large markets and large problems that are worth solving. The big bang ideas are the ones set out to change the world. They’re high risk/high reward so you have to find investors who like such ideas and have the appetite to invest in these ideas. Even if your idea is one where you are trying to make something more efficient, more accessible, or cheaper, access to capital is key and timely access to capital is critical.

What I like about Kalaari

We try very hard at Kalaari to create a friendly, team-oriented environment. I look for new things to do every day and look forward to working with my colleagues and meeting new entrepreneurs every single day, so that same level of excitement (is what) we try to create among everyone at Kalaari. I love seeing everyone come to work each morning with lots of energy