SaaS Talks: The Opportunity Decoded

The global SaaS market is poised to cross $100B in the next few years, significantly outpacing the spend on traditional software driven by rapid growth in customer adoption for cloud services worldwide. With around $50B capital invested globally across stages over the past two years, the industry is witnessing strong tailwinds. India finds itself at interesting crossroads. Despite having key elements of building a global SaaS business in place, we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to tapping the opportunity. With 2500 companies founded in the past two years and significant rise in funding across stages, we believe that the next wave of Indian SaaS start-ups will capitalise on the opportunity, building on learning from recent success. The excitement among entrepreneurs and investors is palpable. Kalaari Capital is hosting a high-quality discussion to decode the SaaS opportunity for India. We have lined up a series of SaaS talks with thought leaders from the industry who will share their distinctive perspectives on the global opportunity and how to crack it. Let’s talk some SaaS!